Become a 2023 5K Sponsor

Melissa’s Race invites you to join us as a sponsor of our Melissa’s Race to Battle Brain Cancer, our 5K FUNDRAISER benefiting Advent Health Cancer Institute for brain cancer research. This highly anticipated event is known as the race with a heart and is recognized for its ability to unite a devoted community supporting family, friends, and neighbors in the fight against brain cancer.

Since 2016, Melissa’s Race has raised over $365,000 and attracted over 7,200 participants. 

This event is in memory of Melissa Vosburg, a resident of Sanford and teacher at Midway Elementary School, who was lost to brain cancer in 2013. The event is hosted by Melissa Vosburg, Inc., a not-for-profit started in her legacy. Melissa Vosburg, Inc. and Melissa’s Race are US 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 47-146013

Brain cancer is a disease that all Americans should help fight. It can strike men, women, and children of any age, background, and walk of life. It does not discriminate on gender, socioeconomic status, region, age, or political party. Many are surprised to find that brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths of adults under 40 and the biggest killer of children, yet it receives the least funding of all cancers.

Every year, Melissa’s Race strives to exceed previous event expectations. We hold our sponsors to the highest esteem and appreciate that our mission could not be accomplished without the commitment of our generous sponsors. We hope we can count on your support for the 2023 Melissa’s Race to Battle Brain Cancer, which will be on 5/6/2023.


The sponsorship level details below can help you decide what level sponsor you’d like to be. Please read our sponsorship letter and fill out the sponsorship registration form to be submitted with payment via email to or mail to:

MELISSA’S RACE, 792 Whooping Crane Ct, Sanford, FL 32

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