Literacy Grants

Could you use $500 towards literacy in your classroom?


Literacy Grant Program 2019


DEADLINE: Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 4:00 pm (EST)

Could you use $500 towards literacy in your classroom?

Purpose, Eligibility, Criteria and Selection


This program is in honor of our namesake of our charity, Melissa Vosburg was a life-long educator. Student Literacy was Melissa’s passion and a big part of her focus as an educator.  Our charity will be providing up to 8 grants in the amount of $500 each to educators who share her passion.


To be eligible for the Books Build Brains Literacy Grant 2019, applicants must be current, certified educator at a public or private school or school affiliated literacy program.  Group applications are allowed but all members of the submitting group must be current, certified educators.  Previous Grant awardees are eligible to apply for funding in this cycle if: (1) the applicant satisfactorily completed the previously funded work, and (2) the current proposal is conceptually distinct from their previously funded proposal.

Applicant Agreement:  All applications agree to accept the following:

  • All decisions made by Books Build Brains are final, binding and not eligible for appeal;
  • Cooperate with any efforts of Melissa Vosburg, Inc. and Books Build Brains to publicize the grant program;
  • Submit grant application by due date;
  • Accept and acknowledge all eligibility criteria;
  • If awarded a grant, sign a Grant Award Letter committing to the following:
    • Use the grant funds only as specified in your approved grant proposal.
    • Maintain your records to show and account for the uses of grant funds.
    • Repay any portion of the funds not used for the specified purposes.
    • Cooperate with any efforts of Melissa Vosburg, Inc. and Books Build Brains to publicize the grant award.
    • Comply with reasonable requests for information about how you used the funds.
  • Submit a Literacy Grant Impact report within 6 months of receipt of award describing how grant funds were using and impact achieved.

Funding:  Grants will be provided for $500.  

Allowable Expenditures:  Allowable expenditures include books, supplies, and materials only.  This award does not support indirect costs or faculty salary.  Electronic devices such as iPads or Chromebooks are not eligible. The proposed budget should not include items typically covered by existing departmental or school support.

Award Criteria:

  • Books Build Brain’s Board and a committee of selected educators will use its own discretion to select grant recipients. In general, the criteria used is who gives the most innovative answer to the question and which answer most directly reflects Melissa’s passion. 

Submission Instructions

The receipt deadline for applications is Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 4:00 pm (EST)

  1. Send a story of short video to answering this question:

Literacy has expanded in today’s world. Information is abundant and can be obtained rapidly. How does a teacher compete with various media?