Literacy Grants

Could you use $500 towards literacy in your classroom?


Hello amazing educators!

We are so happy to begin our 3rd Books Builds Brains grant challenge.

Our sweet angel, Melissa, was a literacy coach and was so happy to see students reading and intrigued in a new adventure with a book. Melissa had her own wonderful library of books for her students that she lovingly collected through the years. Getting kids excited about reading and incorporating more reading in their lives, was her goal.

When Melissa was diagnosed in December of 2012 with glioblastoma, she donated all of her books to Midway school in Sanford, Florida. After Melissa became an angel, just 50 days after her diagnosis, we started Melissa Vosburg, inc to raise funds and awareness for brain cancer and also to promote education. She would love all of this as she was a warrior and fought for her students every day!

Last year, we were so happy to give away six $500 grants to teachers around the country; in California, Nebraska, Illinois, Florida and North Carolina. Oh, the books that were purchased! Many of our teachers let their students help choose the books. Some of the teachers also made cozy reading areas for the students to enjoy their books.

This year, we would love to give away eight $500 grants to be used for literacy! We ask that the funds be used for literacy, books, reading areas and not for a sole device like an iPad or similar device. Past winners are also invited to enter!

The winners of this year’s grants will be judged by the best answer to this question:

What was your favorite book as a child and what is your favorite book to teach? Why?

To enter, send your stories to gro.g1571132685rubso1571132685vassi1571132685lem@s1571132685tnarg1571132685

The contest is running from September 25 to October 10. Two weeks to put your thoughts together and submit them.  Click here for complete terms.

Best of luck to everyone! We are very excited to receive your stories!